Blog Post 1: Introductions

Personal information

1. My name is Lauren!

2. I am from Kirtland, Ohio.

4. I am into playing sports, hanging with my friends and spending time with my family. I am a very organized person and I usually never procrastinate. I absolutely love staying busy and having a schedule to my day during the school year. It helps me stay productive. I am the president of women’s club basketball team here at John Carroll. I am also taking the university chapel course which is singing in a choir at church on Sunday nights. This semester I am planning on getting involved as much as I can and making the most of my time within the classroom I am assigned to for my field placement. I am so excited to get into a classroom and working with children!

Learning Style and more:

5. In order to feel comfortable taking intellectual and creative risks in a course it starts with being comfortable and open with the people I am with and how the class is ran. I need to have at least a few friends who I am comfortable with. Being a junior, I am much more involved, and I have met more people that help influence me to take creative risks. I am very easy going and easy to talk to, so I am excited to learn more about the other students in my class! I also love when classes are ran in an organized manner, because it helps me stay on track and allows myself to take those risks. I look forward to hearing about other student’s field experiences as well. I hope we have time to have class discussions regarding our field experiences.

What have you been reading?

6. An article that I found from The Guardian talks about how important it is for teachers to show that they care for their students. A student wrote this article about his view of a perfect teacher. This is significant to me because I know as a teacher how important it is to establish a relationship with your students in which they not only appreciate you, but enjoy coming to your classroom. I am very concerned that the children I teach someday will not be interested in my teaching methods or excited to learn. Therefore, I am constantly reading articles or taking notes on how to be the best teacher I could possibly be.

About Dr. Shutkin:

7. One question I would like to ask about this class is will we have to bring in artifacts from the students we observe in our field placements?

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