Blog Post Six: Digital Story Script/Voice-Over Narration

-Storyboard: Spring Break Shifters-


Quarantina: young second grader who just got off of school for spring break, she cannot wait to spend time with her mother and relatives.

Mother: Quaratina’s mother who moves to various place value hotels with Quarantina and their relatives

Covid: the hotel owner who manages the rooms in all of the hotels and the check in process. He makes sure that each place value hotel only fits its capacity. 

Other hotel guests: in the background, staying at the hotels that Quarantina, her mother and relatives would like to stay at in Florida

Quarantina’s 8 relatives: travel with Quarantina and her mother, and make a total group of 10 guests.


One day, Quarantina and her mother decided to go Florida because all of their 8 relatives were planning to go as well. They were all planning on staying in a hotel.

Florida had three different place value hotels. The Just Onesie Hotel, Ain’t Nothin But a Ten Hotel and All Sun in Hundred Hotel. It was Quarantina and her mother’s plan to stay at “Just Onesie.” But, they ran into a problem.

The worker, named Covid, at Just Onesie Hotel said, “I am sorry, but our hotel does not have room for all 10 of you. We only have enough room for 9 guests. It seems to me that you all want to stay together, so I invite you to try the Ain’t Nothin But a Ten Hotel, which houses groups of 10 like you all!”

Her mother asked her if she understood why they are being asked to move. 

Just before spring break, Quarantina was introduced to place value, so she understood that 10 ones equaled one group of 10. This means that they would have to shift to that place value hotel called Ain’t Nothin But a Ten.

As soon as they entered Ain’t Nothin But a Ten Hotel, the owner said to them, “you must be a group of 10 from the Just Onesies Hotel! Did you guys just move over here?” The mother said, “yes it seems quite busy here, have you had any move to the next place value hotel recently?”

Quarantina was overwhelmed because she saw 9 other groups of 10, waiting to check in. She knew that they would need to make a group of 1 one hundred to be moved to Sun in the Hundreds Hotel, so they could all have more space.

This hotel for groups of hundreds was much larger and more accommodating for large groups. The one group of 100 that they all made together fit perfectly in the hotel. Quarantina could not wait to start her vacation, which she hoped included lots of swimming in the large Sun in the Hundreds pool. Happy Spring Break! 

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